Gace - Rafael D'Aló

Grace bring together a series of images made in response to Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral.

The artist photographed the BBC coverage of the funeral procession on the TV screen using his smartphone. He also added sterling banknotes to the phone lens, creating a barrier and a filter that resulted in images that address cultural constructs and social-economical signifiers. 

Grace was accompanied by an exhibition in Paris, as part of Rom Service, a project fair co-conceived and produced with Festival PhotoSaintGermain that took place at the legendary Hôtel La Louisiane in Saint Germain de Prés neighbourhood.  Ten different artists, publishers and galleries were invited to present a project in one of their rooms.  

First edition of 100
Saddle Stitch
28 x 21 cm - 48 pages - English
Text: Adriana Francisco 
Concept & graphic design: Nicolas Silberfaden and Julien Imbert

ISBN: 978-2-491410-07-0
Publication date: October 2022

Price: € 25.00