Garagem Automática - Felipe Russo
Between 1960 and 1980 thirty-five automatic garage buildings where built in São Paulo’s downtown district. Garagem Automática was created from the encounter with this mechanical body, the machine that stores machines. The book invites us to travel through this space and its atmosphere, an imagined parallel chamber, inhabited by the traces of time, use and the machines that operate its interior.

First edition of 500
Softcover open stitching
29 x 36 cm - 22 photographs - 64 pages
English and Portuguese
Graphic design: Julien Imbert
Sound data design: Sarah Garcin
Text: Erik Mootzenglish
Translation: Jane Roux-Stonebridge
Portuguese translation: Ana Villas-Bôas

isbn: 9782491410025
Publication date: February 2020

Price: € 50,00