Morning Comes Without Warning - Stephen Dean

— HEBREW, JAPANESE, SPANISH, needed — The newsstand attendants stack the delivery of the day, I walk away with a selection of Chinese, English, Egyptian and Russian newspapers. The evening stretches into morning. I stare at help wanted ads, hypnotized by the assortment of typography, the shifting scale of fonts, the gush of global corporate logos, odd propositions in abbreviated language and foreign alphabets. A sprawl of promises. — WAKE UP! get out of the day-to-day rat race — Instead of encircling or crossing out, I start covering up the obviously mismatched ads with a brush dipped in watercolor. That first color signals my incompatibility and sets the cues for the following tonalities. Colors are gradually applied as individual motifs, eventually filling up the whole template; syncopated rhythms line up with the size of the ads. Looking for a job becomes a form of improvisation, a departure from a random structure. No right or wrong, no warm or cold hues, just choices bouncing across the surface of the paper. Any color has the will to impress. — DOUBLE… TRIPLE… QUADRUPLE… your potential — Color’s raw presence pokes at a world of classification. Abstraction becomes personal. I paint between the lines, along the isobars of weather maps and around the black squares of crosswords. These compositions are instantaneous, snap shots in the evolution of a painting. Pigments soak the fragility of newsprint, mingling chroma and language. Washes of watercolor shortcut definitions, across and down. Gestures challenge the grid’s rhythm. I follow the tip of the brush to cover immense territories, maps and puzzles. Seeking unpredictability in what seems repetitious, I make miniature cartoons and dot paintings which fit, folded, in my pocket. — NO EXP NEC. —
Colors precede words. The game continues, strategies shift until daybreak.

first edition of 500
works on paper: ©Stephen Dean
text: Stephen Dean
concept & graphic design: Nicolas Silberfaden and Julien Imbert
text: ©Stephen Dean
typography: Grotesk Text (Kris Sowersby)
Roslindale (David Jonathan Ross)
paper: Munken Print White 1.8 - 150 g
Pankaboard - PankaDisc - 480 g
Printing: Agpograf. Barcelona

33 x 22 cm
80 pages

ISBN: 978-2-491410-00-1
Publication date: October 2020

©Bandini for this edition 2020
©Stephen Dean

Price: € 45.00